A saint’s secret weapon

A saint’s secret weapon

Gods help

“For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.” — Isaiah 50:7

It is remarkable how often we view many of the biblical characters as having been extraordinary men, having accomplished extraordinary feats, with gifting, strength of character, and bravery that is uniquely distinguishable and a cut above everybody else. It is true that these men are distinguishable from the average, and their endeavours and accomplishments stand as solid effigies cemented in biblical writings. However, dear saint, as God’s child do not feel that you are excluded from obtaining such traits, for who does bestow them?
There is a secret weapon that these men carried, which along with the hand of the LORD, aided in their success – it was a sharp and piercing tool in their hands at every turn, every decision, every advancement, every battle, and it played a prominent role in every victory. When they failed to take this weapon along with them, they laid themselves open to trouble. Through the dark and perilous valley of Hinnom, over the windy and dangerous heights of Mount Hermon, across the swirling and tumultuous waters of the Galilee, or traversing the barren and dry emptiness of Sinai’s expanse, this was the one weapon – apart from the LORD, yet coupled to Him – that they needed to rely on at all times.
What was this secret weapon? What did they possess that was so powerful in their lives? It was the same weapon that lies amongst the arsenal at our disposal – the fused blend of humbleness, obedience and trust. But, dear saint, one paramount criteria was that they knew that what they were doing had been sanctioned by God. They did not move forward in presumption – a deadly enemy of the Christian, and a great danger to the body of Christ – they were walking in the will of God. This aspect is clearly evident: God called Abraham, He spoke to Moses, He visited Gideon, He anointed David, and He commissioned Paul. They all had their purpose from God, and in God. Not one of them operated outside of the expressed will of the Almighty. They all had their difficulties and struggles: Abraham had his domestic disputes, Moses had his opposers, Gideon had his insecurities, David had his insurrectionists, and Paul had his persecutions. They were mere men, but they all trusted in the faithfulness of the LORD their God, and walked in the quiet confidence of His purpose, power, and promise. As a result, they could stand up to the impossible, overcome the insurmountable, fulfil the incomprehensible, and accomplish the unattainable. They could face the taunts of the Accuser, and be confident against the Condemner – because they knew that the Sovereign LORD was their help, and He who would vindicate them was near. Therefore, they could set their faces like a flint, and move forward as they humbly obeyed and trusted the Sovereign King. No more was this evident than when Christ faced the arduous and agonizing ordeal of the Cross.
O, my soul, look not to thine inner self, but to thy God – always. For should He beckon you to a task, does He not comprehend your feebleness, yet still beckons you? Thine secret weapon is thy reliance and trust on the Sovereign God who helps you. Therefore, Christian, should God see fit to use you for whatever task – prolific or puny ­– do not be afraid. And if it be daunting to you, do not despair. Gird your secret weapon upon your loins, and in quiet confidence set your face like flint, for the very same distinguished heights of accomplishment that adorned the saints of old, rest with Him who will help you.


Judson McCawl
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