Book 3 – Book Blurb

Book 3 – Book Blurb

Law & Grace: Revealing Love 


A remarkable tale of true love and fortitude as God providentially leads along a path of discovery, touching hearts and ultimately revealing the depths of His profoundness.

Law & Grace: Revealing LoveWhen Gloria, a middle-aged career woman and single parent to Tim, a varsity student, restores her relationship with her parents, God uses it as a stepping stone. As a result, in the coastal town of Ailensbury, in which they reside, Tim begins an investigation. What will he discover? Where will it all lead? How does Gloria respond to it all? Is there perhaps a storm brewing?

Tim’s assistance is then required at an event in Anchorville, the nearby old-and-picturesque fishing village. It turns out to be an enlightening occasion. Will Tim be able to keep from Gloria what is revealed? Is there a spanner in the works? How does July (pronounced Julie) hold up? Does God perhaps have something planned? Is His amazing grace at work once again?

Join the Nicholls’, Renshaws and Harris’ again, and share in the restorative work of the Lord, the joys, adventures and biblical instruction. Partake also in the emotional battles, confrontations, heartaches and unexpected trials as God continues to do the work that only His hands can accomplish.

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