The Journey

The Journey

Law & Grace: The Journey


Book One in the Law and Grace Series is in its final stages before publishing. It will soon be available.

The book encompasses the principle of salvation and why we need Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. The fictional story outlines the events in a young man’s life and the road he travels. It includes aspects regarding questions we face every day, principles of our daily lives, attitudes we encounter on a regular basis, and the realities of what can be commonly presented to us. There is a lot of Scripture included, along with biblical topics of discussion and sermons given. However, it is all in dialogue form, thus keeping the technical information flowing, all the while maintaining interest.

Tim and his cousin, Andrew, both varsity students in the coastal town of Ailensbury, enjoy the outdoors. They particularly love going fishing, and fortunate for them there is a large lake set in the pristine forested hills just a 10-minute drive outside of town. From here, the story begins to unfold.

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