An audience with the King

An audience with the King

An audience with a king

“And Esther spake yet again before the king, and fell down at his feet, and besought him with tears” — Esther 8:3

It is not easy to get an audience with a king. In times past, this was even more so, as the king played no role of futility; the whole of his kingdom relied on his presence and proclamations. Only a few dared try, and even fewer succeeded. In Esther’s time, even as queen an audience with the king was governed by an order that dared not be transgressed. Her declaration to Mordecai of her concern, and then her request for fasting [and prayer] showed her ill-ease in what she had been asked to do – entreat the king’s favour and intervention.
God’s sovereignty was no different through the demonstration of the Tabernacle, and later on the Temple. God was there, ever present and very real in the midst of Israel, yet He was also somehow aloof. This was not a flaw in the character of God, nor a haughtiness in operation, for God had condescended in order to dwell in the midst of the people, but He remained a holy, all consuming God – which has never changed.
However, thanks be to God for through Jesus, our Redeemer and High Priest, the veil of separation was rent in two and the divide that separated the sinner from the Sovereign was removed. Through Christ and His shed blood, we have been washed as white as snow and in Him, we stand before God as saints. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Whether a prince or a peasant, prosperous or a porper, a regent or a refugee, a nobleman or a nothing – all have equal access to the King through Christ, with no flag of favouritism or bias flailing in the wind above the turret of the royal residence.
Believer, through Jesus, wash yourself and put on your royal apparel. In boldness, yet with reverence, stand in the inner court of our King’s house, before the royal throne. For through Christ, we have obtained the King’s favour and His golden sceptre has been raised. Approach and touch the top of the sceptre and lay before Him your pleas and petitions.

“That wondrous veil that hid glory divine, rent in twain with purpose sublime;
For us at liberty to embrace, the throne of the King through heavenly grace.
With God’s favour aroused, and His golden sceptre raised;
Bring forth your petitions with holiness, boldness and praise.”


Judson McCawl


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