Law and Grace: The Journey Published

Law and Grace: The Journey Published


The past few weeks have been epic weeks for me, with a number of activities taking place and milestones having been reached.


  1. I’m also glad to be able to announce that Book One in the Law and Grace series, Law & Grace: The Journey, has been published and is now available in eBook and print (paperback) version. Additionally, the eBook is available for free from all stores listing it, except currently Amazon. Click here for additional information and a link to the stores listing the book.


  1. The first eight chapters of Book One (print version) have been added in a flipbook, so you can stop by here for a quick read, if you are interested, before “buying” the complete book.


  1. The book cover for Book Three Part 2 has also been finalised and uploaded. Click here for a peak – and for other stats and information about the book.


Any questions regarding the above, do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy reading and viewing!


Judson McCawl



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