Books published and on promotion

Books published and on promotion

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The formatting of The Home-coming Part One and Part Two (Book Three) has finally been completed and the two works published. This means that all four books are now available. The paperback version of The Home-coming Part Two just awaits final approval from Amazon before it can go live, but all the eBooks are live.

From the commencement of Book One, The Journey, it has been a long haul, but the once unseen land across the horizon has been reached, and I cannot explain the extent of my gratitude to God for His hand of faithfulness and mercy all the way. It has been quite an experience and learning, the narrative of which would itself fill a book.

The nascent stage of this work was mid 2013, with the actual stories having been completed before the end of 2016. Book Three was the most difficult due to continuity, even though every window of opportunity was utilised. From there, proofing, formatting and publishing were the tasks at hand. Some may say that it is no great feat, and for them it may not be – but as for me, I’m just a little humble saint 🙂 ! For me, it was mammoth – and may souls be touched, and the Lord our God be praised and glorified through it!

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With the launch of The Home-coming Part One and Part Two, I’ve placed all the eBooks on promotion at least until 31 January 2019.

The Journey, remains a free download from any of the bookseller platforms and the rest are available at $2.99 USD each, discounted from the regular retail price of $6.99 USD. Thus, a little bit of maths will reveal that should you not have any of the eBooks yet, you can obtain all four of them for as little as $8.97 USD during the promotional window.

Is there more in the pipeline? Yes, and I hope that God will grant me, through His grace and help, the chance to pen my sketches. For the moment, however, I need a breather!

Should you be interested in any of the books, you can click on the individual book covers above and it will take you to the respective books2read page. On these pages are the stores offering the books, where you can click on the store logos to go through to their selling page.

I’ve also uploaded in the Flipbook Reads section, under the Law & Grace Series button above, sample chapters of the paperback versions, for books One, Two, and Three Part 1.

Happy reading!


Judson McCawl

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