Jesus Our Sure Foundation

Jesus Our Sure Foundation

Jesus our sure foundation

“He only is my rock and my salvation: He is my defence; I shall not be moved” – Psalm 62:6

Upon what foundation does Jesus tell us the wise man builds his house? And why does He tell us this? Because when the rain descends and the floods come up, and when the winds blow and beat on that house, it will not fall – for it was founded on the rock. But what constitutes the rock? Is it not Jesus Himself? Yes, it is Jesus, but it is not all, for Jesus says, “whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock.” So, it is hearing and doing [what Jesus says] that renders unto wisdom. It’s the application of heavenly information, obedience to the Omniscient and submission to the Sovereign – all founded upon our Rock, our firm, steadfast, unmoving, unyielding, solid, strong and stable foundation. He is our Rock when we apply the Word in our lives, for when we do not apply the Word in our lives, we are like one building his house upon the sand.
Are not God’s commands to trust Him equal to His commands to obey Him? Are not His commands for obedience equal to His commands that we must not be afraid? Can we be picky and choosy? Can we obey His command to guard our hearts with all diligence and not obey His command to take heart and trust in the LORD? Can we choose to obey His command to fear the Lord yet choose to disobey His command not to fear man or circumstances? What about His promises? Can we hold to His promise that He will save us and bring us into His eternal glory, but not hold to His promise that He will be with us always? Indeed, this would be considered foolish on our part if we did so. This would be like trying, at the same time, to build upon two structures of unequal strength and stability. Thank God for His patience and mercy upon us who fumble and falter and need His divine grace to hold us up at every hour.
The recorded proclamation made by the psalmist in the verse under scrutiny is bold and resolute. Upon what is it based? The very first words – He only! The psalmist declares his inward position, his faith, his trust, his counsel, his hope, his life – He only! There is no room for two foundations, two structures or two influences. The word “only” pushes everything else out the window with its application and fills the heart with our All-in-all. Any bug of mistrust is squashed, all mildew of insecurity is washed away and the nose of every hindrance is broken by the door being firmly shut on its attempted intrusion. Though the circumstances may be ever real that lead up to this declaration, as recorded in the prior verses, the conclusion drives in its resolute stake and hoists its flag aloft, declaring: “This heart is taken; this heart is filled; this life is secure in Him – my Rock and my salvation, my defence.” With conscious and continuous affirmation the proclamation in verse two progresses from, “I shall not be greatly moved” to “I shall not be moved [at all]” (vs 6)!
Build your house like the wise man upon the Rock. Obey every command of the LORD and do what He says. If He call you to be righteous, be righteous; if He calls you to be holy, be holy; and if He tells you not to fear or be afraid, do not fear or be afraid. Let your soul wait upon the Lord, for from Him comes your salvation. He is the strong One; He is the Sure Foundation; He is the high and mighty tower to which we can run. What storm beating against our God will overpower Him and wash Him away? No storm! Therefore, stand resolute in your heart that He only is your Rock and your salvation. He is your defence. Then, when the rain descends and the floods come up, and when the winds blow and beat on your house, you shall not be moved!

Judson McCawl

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