Let Angels Rejoice – a Christmas message

Let Angels Rejoice – a Christmas message

“Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth” — Luke 15:10

The presence of angels automatically stirs a strong ethereal feeling within the being of mortal flesh, and although angels play a part throughout Scripture, this heavenly presence, in respect to joy, is twice expressed most notably. The first is when Christ is born. Heaven’s realms are brought to earth and there is an angel herald, and a multitude of the heavenly hosts expressing joy to man and praise to God for the Saviour born. The second is when the Saviour, through explanation to the multitudes, transports man to heaven’s realms and reveals angels’ joy at the repentance of a sinner. There is no expression of rejoicing or joy over men, but only in respect to redemption and redeemed men – the Saviour who would redeem, and the sinner who after having repented becomes redeemed, through Christ’s atonement at Calvary. There is praise and joy at the Gift given to man by God, and there is joy expressed when man receives that Gift given. Through inference it implies that the angels understand the eternal implications such repentance has upon the soul of man and the importance that such a step means in that soul’s present and everlasting wellbeing. It shows that repentance, even if it takes place in the darkest dungeon, is revealed throughout heaven’s bright expanse.
Repentance from sin, and salvation through Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice, lifts the spirit of man and grants him entrance into heaven’s residence, generating great joy in the ranks of angels. Men’s works and good deeds do not generate this joy amongst angels. Goodliness, religion, devotion, social standing, intelligence and the like never reach the realms of eternal influence in man’s favour, only repentance before the Eternal God. Scripture does not say that there is joy when a sinner attends church, nor when a sinner embraces religion, nor when a sinner does charity but only when a sinner repents. True repentance rends the heart, not the clothes – it is a deep internal work of the heart that changes the life of the person, setting them on a new path, a path unto righteousness in the footsteps of their now embraced saviour, Jesus Christ. Sin is renounced and removed, and although the new white garments of justification through faith may become dirtied through stumblings, they are quickly washed when the face of Christ is beheld and His hands grasped through the penitent heart that earnestly seeks forgiveness and mercy.
Know this day that rejoicing only takes place and joy is only present upon the new birth of the sinner, upon him being Born Again – and not otherwise. For lest you repent, turn from your wickedness and seek God through Jesus Christ, heaven’s realms will remain silent. The joy bells will not ring, the angels will not sing, and the Lamb’s book of Life will remain shut, with the ink pot of eternal glory and bliss never being disturbed by the Omnipotent’s finger – your name will not be written down in the record book as one of God’s redeemed saints. Jesus said, “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Mark 8:36), and “Fear Him (God) who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28b). The apostle Paul said, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2).
Sinner, would you snub the promise of a heavenly mansion for habitation in the fiery pits of eternal torment? Would you snub coexistence with the Eternal King for the company of wretched hypocrites? Would you snub a realm wherein righteousness dwells for a place far worse than streets of vice, dystopian oppression and despotism? Is your pride so strong that it cannot repent of what is wrong? Would it not be wise to have your sins removed, than spread across the skies for all the world to consider and be to your own condemnation? Is your heart so stubborn and sin so valuable that it is worth forfeiting salvation? I implore you to hear and to heed the words of Christ – Repent; the words of Peter – Repent; the words of Paul – Repent! Turn to God that He may freely forgive. Give your life to Jesus, let Him take control. Let Him hold you in His hands and make you whole. And as you surrender your life to Him, He will set you free, that through Him you will be able to walk in true, God-given liberty. Through Christ you can be righteous! Through Christ you can overcome sin and temptation! Through Christ you can live free from bondage! In Christ you can please God and live for Him!
Saint, honour God, revere Him, obey His commands and serve Him faithfully. Rejoice in the LORD – for what great comprehension it is that your name has been carried on the melody of angelic voices in joy and praise to God for redeeming you from damnation, and for giving you life eternal! What a Gift! What a glory! What a God!


Judson McCawl


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