How great is our God!

How great is our God!

viewing the expanse


“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained” — Psalm 8:3

Dearly beloved saint of God, how often do we dwell on our present situation and circumstance and allow a spirit of despair to overtake us, or anxiety to overpower us? This is all too common for the believer in Christ, who allows at such times a wedge to be driven between themselves and God. This should not be, but sadly it is so, and we all need to be vigilant against its perils, for it represents a divide that our enemy, the devil, feeds upon at every given opportunity. How our concrete jungles, burdensome tasks and never ending responsibilities take their toll, causing our heads to bow not in solemn meditation on the Lord of Hosts, but in heaviness of heart and soul. Lift up your heads O ye gates that the King of Glory may come in. Look up to the heavens and consider. Has not God made all that you can see – and even that beyond what can be seen? Is this not the work of His fingers? The vastness of the expanse above continues to be explored, and more and more is it discovered that it is larger and greater than what we have seen or known before – and it will continue to be so, yet it cannot contain our God, our Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth. Stop and consider. When you do, you will soon discover that He, who condescends and stoops down to look upon the goings on of man, is mindful of us and watches over us. Keep yourself in the faith, and He will keep you. Consider His heavens and the work of His fingers, and you will soon discover that His name is excellent, majestic. The vastness of His greatness will loom ever larger before you, and the reality of His magnitude will lift your spirit. Your inner being will rally and rejoice when you comprehend that even beyond this greatness He has set His glory. How great is our God!

“The heavens O God are thy creation, beyond measure of comprehension,
Thy supremacy more vast than every nation, yet look thee upon us with condescension.
May our spirits be drawn by the same as we consider the excellence of thy name,
Thy majesty and glory we will then understand, O Lord, above it all does reign.”


Judson McCawl


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