The Faltering of Fathers

The Faltering of Fathers

Very often we have a superficial view of the role and influence of a father towards his children. Fathers themselves many times see their role as just one of authoritarian rule without actually stopping to consider the intricacy, profoundness and in-depth functionality that God has placed on the shoulders of those who father children and are responsible for their upbringing. A father’s accountability before God has never changed, for God does not change, nor His principles, statutes or commands. A mother’s influence and responsibility plays no lesser role, for she can often unnecessarily foster or facilitate tension and trouble when it suits her, rather than be a peacemaker. Are the children problematic, or are the parents – particularly fathers? What does Scripture – the true authority of God – reveal to us?

The topic regarding the home and role of people is inexhaustible, like many other topics intrinsic to man. I’ve touched on one facet. As the message is relatively long, I’ve formatted it into a booklet rather than an article post, for easier reading.

The Faltering of Fathers

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Please also take the time to watch John MacArthur’s teaching titled: Parents, do not provoke your children. It is an insightful and sobering message from the godly sage, and is integral to what I’ve written. If we truly desire to walk in God’s ways, and we love our children with an earnest concern for their well-being, this message is not to be missed!

May God guide us all in His ways and purposes – according to His will and good pleasure!


Judson McCawl


Disclosure: The uploading of the Grace to You teaching by John MacArthur does not in anyway imply an association with them, or a condoning of all their teachings. In other words, they know nothing about me or that I even exist, and this particular teaching (even if I happily accept other of his teachings) was solely added to this post because it is profound and insightful, I learned a lot from it, it is complimentary to my booklet, and all people could certainly benefit from it too!

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