Through God we shall do valiantly

Through God we shall do valiantly

Through God we shall do valiantly

“Through God we shall do valiantly: for He it is that shall tread down our enemies.” — Psalm 60:12

Many a time a profound revelation or purposeful prayer rises from within the eye of the tempest. It is like balm that almost numbs and overpowers any affliction that may beset the receiver of God’s visitation. Too glorious an appearing is that which the Lord delivers in a time of dire distress and need. What courage it brings and strength it injects when the tender eardrums of God’s child hears Him speak words of revelation and upliftment. Dear saint, ask yourself, in what circumstances is a soldier trained for guerrilla combat, or a fighter pilot for military engagement? It is certainly not through park walks and scenic flights! What means, then, does God often use to teach His people godliness, faith, and surrender to Him? The scripture in 1 Peter bears hearing, “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” Meaning, endure God’s teaching and training, and let His hand bring you great deliverance. Wait upon the LORD, for He will “exalt you to possess the land”.
David was in such a place, for he was at war against three nations and from the way the Psalm begins, he was in distress, troubled in spirit and feeling the pressure. Who does he call out to? Who does he acknowledge? God! David does two things; he confirms to God his total lack of confidence in man, and then makes his declaration to man of his complete reliance on God. What an insight and what a profoundness! One of man’s attitudes and practises that God has vehemently condemned, as recorded throughout Scripture, is man’s trust in himself and in other men. And one practise that God’s heart has loathed, as recorded throughout the Bible, is man’s lack of faith and trust in Him. David does the reverse – no wonder God could say of him that he was a man after His own heart!
From turmoil to triumph; from affliction to affirmation; from man’s distress to God’s declaration; and from shaking and breaches to steadfastness and boldness! This psalm moves with alacrity across the white ivory keys of upliftment, as the tune shifts from the base to the treble clef in David’s heart, and reaches the climatic height of bravery and strength through God. Wherein is the core strength? Wherein lies the victory against the adversaries? Its roots are fused into the very being of God and it is fed from the stream that flows from the heart of Him who has redeemed us. Through God you shall do valiantly!
Beloved, remember that the help of man is useless (worthless), even if God uses men as a means to help! Set your heart on God being your deliverer, not on man being your deliverer. “Through God” has two applications – trust and obedience. He will do, and He will enable you to do. In other words, He will be victorious, and He will help you to be victorious. Lift this Psalm and verse before the Lord, time and time again. Is it not in His Word? Does not the Word inform us that a young man makes his way pure by meditating on God’s Word? Does this principle of God’s exclude this Psalm and specifically this verse from such a declaration? Far be it from verity! Let your heart draw from its truth and power. God has spoken! Let your heart take heed! Let God’s child be victorious and rejoice!


Judson McCawl


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